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An item sticker.

At Bhack, we use a sticker system to identify which machines, devices and parts belong to whom, and who can use them under which conditions.

Each sticker contains the usage model, owner, the fee to be paid if applicable, notes by the owner, and a QR code linking to a wiki page for that item that the owner can use to provide more information about the item.

Usage models

The usage models that can be found on stickers are:

Usage model Description
FREE TO USE Usage of this item has no restrictions, and there is no need to inform the owner. Don't be a hog though!
PAY TO USE The indicated fee must be paid to the owner to use this item.
READ DOCS The documentation, found by following the link in the QR code, must be read and understood before using this item. If indicated, the fee must be paid to the owner, too.
ASK OWNER Ask the owner about using this item before doing so. The owner probably has important information to tell you, or he just wants to be informed when this item is used.
OWNER ONLY You are not allowed to use this item, unless you are the owner. You can always ask the owner for permission, but don't expect anything!

Creating your own

It is possible to create your own stickers at the label printer, using the StickerStation application.

The StickerStation app will create a QR code with an URL that looks like<some-GUID> and will lead you to a new wiki page.

Item template

The page should be put into the Item category. This will also give the page a nice title. To do this, put {{Item|Your item title here}} at the top of your item's wiki page.