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Of course there are always some items we would like to have in the space but are not there (yet). If you happen to have one of the items from the list and would like to donate it to the space you earn our eternal gratitude. If you happen to have some items for donation that are missing from the space, but we are not aware they are missing, just let us know. If you for some reason feel a strong urge to donate, but have no items, you are always welcome to make a financial donation. for our IBAN number see this page.

Item Description Specs Got It!
Trashbins Failed projects collectors Round, square, plastic, metal..... dont care actualy YUP!, more are welcome!
Stereo receiver Electric pulse emitting device to be connected to sound creating boxes > 50 Watt & Aux input Rock and Roll!
Drillpress Drill on a stick medium sized, may be on high power (krachtstroom) Nope
Shelves / Sliding Closet Storage items for the regular hackerspace junk Preferably possible to disassemble since our entry is kind of narrow Shelves
Electronic components Diodes, transistors, resistors, capacitors, IC's ..etc Preferably assorted and not used Some
Office chairs Possible to do a wheelie on these chairs Needs to be functional (see Description) Some
Microwave combi Magic food heating box Combination of microwave and oven Nuking our food as we speak
Sanibroyeur pump Dirty water pumping, shredding, noise creating box Needs to be able to pump water up for 2 meter at least, have 2 inlets and one 60mm? outlet. May be used before of course Nope
Laserprinter Device to make black and/or colored areas on A4 paper, eating toner while doing so. Bhack Black or color does not really matter. Size does matter: desk sized will do just fine! Nope again
Project cabinet A cabinet or closet with uniform drawers or boxes so each participant can use one of them for his or her projects Needs to be space efficient Nope
... to be continued